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how to survive a depression

this post was written, about jim, back on october 14, 2008: it is entitled HTSAD-3 (“how to survive a depression”).  for the original, click here: HTSAD (how to survive a depression), step 3: cultivate positive interpersonal relationships surviving and thriving in a depression/recession (even an economic one) is, for the most part, not [...]

irish Angel

“jim is my irish Angel” – abby williams a missing-man formation is the order of the day a gentle irish Angel who is showing us the way a missing-man formation is the first toast of the night a resting irish Angel who makes everything all-right ————————————————————————————————- selfless soldier by f. t. bliss (sung to the [...]

Donald Duck and the Beach

I remember when I was young and would cry, Uncle Jimmy would always try to cheer me up by using his Donald Duck voice. It usually would work. He always entertained me and my brothers with this unique vocal talent… When I was trying to tell my kids the bad news, they said, “Uncle Jimmy? [...]

Remembering Jim

I first met Jim in July of 1982.  At my first duty station after Army flight school, I was sent to Camp Humphreys, Korea.  There, “Captain” Jim Casey was the Executive Officer of the 201st Assault Helicopter Company.  I became one of the Platoon Leaders and worked with Jim for several months, until his reassignment.   [...]

fond memories of Jim Casey

Casey/O’Connor/Hennelly Clans

I too don’t have a just one favorite memory of Jimmy. My childhood memories include him and his sibilings. My Mom did a good job keeping the families close and letting us know how important is was to know one another. I think that was accomplished with our many visits from Rockaway Beach, NY to [...]

Remembering Jim

In Loving Memory of our Father – James Michael Casey