how to survive a depression

this post was written, about jim, back on october 14, 2008:

it is entitled HTSAD-3 (“how to survive a depression”).  for the original, click here:

HTSAD (how to survive a depression), step 3: cultivate positive interpersonal relationships

surviving and thriving in a depression/recession (even an economic one) is, for the most part, not about having money.

the key is to be able to access that which is important to you at the time. may be water, it may be food, it may be transportation, it may even be protection.

the bottom line? we’ll need other people.

our most key interpersonal relationships are going to be with family/friends, and NOW is the time to nurture those. can be as simple as communicating to those whom we love, and letting them know that we care about them.

after family/friends, neighborhood relationships will likely be crucial in a full-blown depression. ..we can begin by being a good neighbor. will be important, and that includes the global community.

it’s really simple, and i’ll relate an example of a person that is incredible at cultivating personal relationships.

my buddy-brother jim casey is probably the most generous person that i’ve ever met in my life. ..jim cares about family, friends, neighbors, community and country. ..jim will be there for you, whether you’re trapped in a hurricane or you need a letter of recommendation. ..jim, like those of you who are reading this blog, Truly Cares about people. ..he does the little things, like sending hand-written notes after a special event. ..jim takes the time to think about every aspect of every adventure, and then he does whatever it takes to make every event as fantastical as it can be.

he routinely drives over 24 hours (straight) to visit his aging father, and he would truly give you the shirt off of his back. ..below is a picture of jim, who invited the boys from rhode island to stay in his destin home a few years back. ..pictured (left to right): your’s truly, my blood-brother steve, jim, and steve’s buddy, al. ..we’re at aj’s (destin harbor) on a sunday. ..ahhhh, those were the days!

do any of you know jim? you have any comments about jim? ..are any of you lucky enough to associate with people like him?

anywaaaaay… we can just be like jim, and we’ll be okay — no matter how bad things get.


it seems as though the key element in all of this is Love. ..when we live our lives in a loving giving/receiving/sharing/conscious way, we probably won’t feel the effects of a depression as much as we would have, otherwise.

next: HTSAD, step 4: cultivate personal high-level wellness.

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