Donald Duck and the Beach

I remember when I was young and would cry, Uncle Jimmy would always try to cheer me up by using his Donald Duck voice. It usually would work. He always entertained me and my brothers with this unique vocal talent… When I was trying to tell my kids the bad news, they said, “Uncle Jimmy? The one who talks like Donald Duck?” He used the same voice to entertain my kids too! He always seemed to love to be around young children and was always so good with them. This leads me to remember the times we would go to the beach, Wildwood of course. He would always help the kids dig a deep hole. I vaguely remember him saying we were going to dig to China. I vaguely remember burying different people in those holes, but I definitely remember him digging right there with us. Thank you, Uncle Jimmy, I hope I can be as good with the children in my life as you were with me.

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In Loving Memory of our Father – James Michael Casey